When it comes to your wedding preparation, choosing the right makeup is among the most important decisions. For you to pull off a stellar look on that special, you need the perfect look. Although some people choose to forgo hiring a professional makeup artist, it’s not always a prudent idea. According to Paulina de los reyes, hiring a professional makeup artist is the best investment a bride can make for her wedding day. It helps them to relax by providing them with much needed confidence. But how do you choose the makeup for your wedding day? Here are key tips on how to choose:

  1. Start with Your Skin

When it comes to wearing makeup, your skin comes first. You may have the best quality makeups kit but still fail to pull off an impressive look if your skin doesn’t have the right texture. You need to have a regular skin-care routine before the wedding day. Getting regular facials will make a big difference to your skin, particularly in creating the best base for the makeup.


choosing wedding makeup

  1. Consider Your Dress

Your choice of wedding dress should match the style of make up you wear. Both should compliment each other and not the opposite. This is where the service of a makeup artist is much needed. If you choose the modern and sexy approach, then you can try more trendy makeups such as colourful eye shadow and daring lipstick. If you add playful eyeliner and then accent it by a deep sapphire eye shadow, you will pull off a great look with such kind of approach. If you choose to go for a romantic and playful dress, light colours on your lips and neutral tones would be the perfect choice of makeup.

  1. Don’t Skip the Trial

Waiting until the last day of the wedding is the worst mistake that you can ever make. You may never know what works or what doesn’t work for you. Can you imagine hating how you look on the wedding yet you can’t do anything about it? This is why trials are important. Running trials with your makeup artist will help in determining the exact look that you want for your wedding day. You will try different looks and just choose one that you like the most. It will also enable you to test the quality of the makeup that you intend to use that day.

  1. Work with Your Skin Tone

This is an area that most brides who forgo makeup artist fail badly – buying products that cannot work on their skin and this ends up horribly wrong.  A professional makeup artist will guide you on what to buy based on your skin tone. If you have fair skin, light shades of makeup might be the perfect choice for you. Sometimes, the makeup artist might propose for darker browns with undertones of yellow. For the mediums with more olive-coloured skin, they can wear anything. If you have this kind of tone, the sky is the limit. But for dark skins, bright berry colours are usually the perfect choice. Work with your skin tone and you’ll never be disappointed.

5. Stick with What You Are Used To

Makeup is not only meant to make you look beautiful for the wedding day but also to build confidence in yourself. Knowing that you’re looking great boosts your morale and makes it easy to go through the rest of the day smoothly. This is why it’s prudent to stick with what you’re used to. Do not get tempted to try new trends since they might backfire on you. You will never feel comfortable in new makeup. You don’t want to keep asking yourself the question “how do I look?” Sticking to what you are used to will give you that confidence you need on your special day.

  1. Stick to the Budget

Doing makeup for your wedding should be an investment. If you want to look great, then you should invest in the best products and top artists makeup artist you can find. As they say, “cheap is expensive,” and this is the case with makeup too. The quality of products used will definitely determine the end look. But it’s important to note that going expensive doesn’t mean you’ll be more beautiful. It is important to work with what you have. You can go simple and still pull off a fantastic look.