This is a cosmetic product by which women give the nails of their hands and feet a fashionable color and shine. Historical evidence suggests that the color nail polish was invented in 1924 and has since become one of the greatest trends in fashion and beauty of Women.

Its formula is constantly improving and we enjoy a wonderful manicure.

However, you do not suspect that in addition to its direct purpose, nail polish has many alternative uses that make it very useful in the household. Nail polish can much more than make your hands up and stop the sock loop. Discover how you can use its power in the household:

It serves as a glue for the window mesh

The formation of holes in the net against insects can lead to the appearance of unwanted guests in your home. However, this does not mean you must replace it immediately with a new one. Instead, take a colorless nail polish and smear on both sides to secure the mesh firmly. It is important to note, of course, that this is only a temporary solution to the problem.

“Seals” in place screws

Painting screws with colorless nail polish will seal them in place. This trick can be used for both eyeglass screws and any other item or furniture. If the screw has loosened, you can apply a nail polish to the threads and around it before screwing it back to achieve maximum strength.

Repair broken ceramic tiles

In most cases of breakage, ceramic and porcelain tiles need professional tools to be repaired. However, if you have small broken pieces or a broken plate, you can fix it with a nail polish. For optimum results, first clean the tile with soap and water and then apply a layer of nail polish with a colorless or matching color. Apply as many layers as necessary to remove the damage. For cracks before applying the nail polish, fill the holes with an epoxy resin.

Prevents rust

You’ve probably heard and tried painting metal jewels with a colorless nail polish to prevent their rusting and painting. In addition, the nail polish can protect any other metal item of rust – the storage boxes, small waste bins that are located around the kitchen sink or the bathroom where moisture is their greatest enemy. Painting the bottom of these items with a colorless nail polish will help keep the rust away from home.

Temporarily repair broken glass

If you have a cracked window or other glass surface, you can prevent more damage by using a nail polish. This is a temporary solution and you may have to change the broken panel or part with a new one. Until then, however, the nail polish may be your savior. Fasten the sides around the cracked part with a colorless packing tape and fill the cracks with a thin layer of the nail polish.

I “stole” this interesting tips about using the nail polish from a friend of my. She is an expert cleaner in End of tenancy cleaning East London company and she knows very useful tricks about housecleaning.


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